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Laser welding

All materials that can be welded with laser welding processes. In regard to quality, speed and economy, laser welding systems are superior to conventional processes, making laser welding equipment and services popular offerings for industrial usage.

  With heat conduction welding, only the surface of the workpiece is melted using the equipment. The welding depth for this process is generally lower than 2mm. The laser beam melts the materials to be joined along the joint. The melts flow into each other, and the solidified melt connects the materials permanenetly. Heat conduction welding is used mostly to join parts with thin walls. The smooth, rounded weld does not need to be processed further once laser beam welding process is complete.


Laser power                                              500W, 1000W, 1500W
Center wavelength                                  1080nm
Output power stability                            <3%
Laser frequency                                       50Hz -5KHz
Adjustable power range                         10-100%
Beam quality                                            1.1
Optimal operating enviroment             0-40°C, humidity 20-80%
Electricy demand                                    1000W(AC220V/10A), 1500W(AC380V/20A)
Output fiber length                                 15m
Cooling method                                       Chiller inside
Dimensions                                              104x60x120cm
Weight                                                       200-270kg

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Technology Parameters

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