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There is only for air plasma cutting method. It is light, easy assembling profile cutting machines with high level of accurassy. Integrated cutting table is included on the cost of machine. An effective exhaust of the combustion products protects health of cutting machine operators.

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About us

We produce plasma and oxy-fuel CNC cutting machines.
We are using modern CNC software by Hypertherm Our machines are created for large amount of production with
high quality. During the production process we permanently contact with users for feedback information for optimise our

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Apart of production we procure our clients or dealers with neccessary equipments. Our Service centers work 24/7 and can serve all need information and implements for cutting systems.

Our dealers has benefit as own special technical manager, who will online for him during all business process.

Looking for dealers

We are looking for new partners from all of the world.

We see our dealers as a part of our company and we are interested in their developing with us. We supply our dealers with all necessary information and technical support. We are avaliable for our
dealers 24/7. Do not hestitate to contact us for new partnership.

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